canticle productions presents

A Heart Like Water

a new north dakota film


It’s 1887 in Dakota Territory. A husband and wife, isolated in this unsettled wilderness, struggle to keep their family together and their hopes alive as they fight bitter cold, disease, wild animals, and crushing loneliness on the Dakota frontier. But they’re not just fighting for themselves… New life is on the way.  

Based on True Stories of Dakota Settlers



Would you like to host a screening of A Heart like Water at your theater, school, historical society, or other organization? We are interested in speaking with you!


Please reach out directly to us at info@canticle-productions.com to discuss.

Past Screenings
Minot / December 3rd, 2021  - Oak Park Theater
Fargo / December 5th, 2021  -  Fargo Theater
Belfield / December 10th, 2021  -   Belfield Theater 
Watford / December 17th, 2021  -   Watford High School 

Grand Forks / December 30th, 2021  -   Empire Theater
Bismarck / January 21st, 2022   -   Grand Theaters 
Mott / January 29th, 2022  -   Mott Playhouse
Williston / February 4th, 2022  -   Williston High School
Carrington / February 4th-6th, 2022  -   Carrington Youth Center
Dickinson / February 9th, 2022  -   Dickinson State University
Walhalla / February 11th, 2022  -   Walla Theater
Harvey / February 11th-13th, 2022  -   Central Cinema
Hebron / February 11th-13th, 2022  -   Mayer Theater
Bowman/ March 4th-7th, 2022  -  Bowman Theater
Tioga/ March 13th, 2022  -  Tioga Theater
Minneapolis, MN/ March 20th  -  Parkway Theater